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A Call to Action Canada is inspired by the “Call to Action” which was set in motion in the United States in 2004 by senior legal officers at some of the largest and most influential companies operating there.  Over 100 senior corporate counsel in the United States have become signatories to the Call to Action, committing to foster diversity in the legal profession both within their organizations and, especially, in the outside law firms which supply legal services

Our mission is to provide a forum designed to encourage and support Canadian in-house counsel in taking a leadership role in advancing diversity and inclusiveness in the legal profession by:

  • insisting that their outside law firms demonstrate a true commitment to, and real progress in, the full participation and advancement of women and minority lawyers within law firms; and
  • limiting or terminating relationships with outside law firms which demonstrate a lack of interest in, and commitment to, being diverse and inclusive.

Canadian corporate counsel are asked to sign the A Call to Action Canada mission statement, pledging their commitment, personally and on behalf of their organizations, to advocate for diversity.

We are developing a website for women- and minority-owned or controlled law firms to ensure that those companies and law firms ( who want to direct work to such firms will have a readily accessible resource to find the firms who match their needs.